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Carol Damonte

creative, inquisitive, global adventurer, inclusive, dependable, big-hearted, God-infused


The Lens:  Seeing the World Through New Eyes

I am the possibility you crave.  The emerging view, so within reach, it makes you feel hope again.  I’m the dream that says redirect, reimagine, redefine. I am THE LENS, and I’ll show you a new way to see the world.  What would it be like to envision a global community through eyes of greater empathy and compassion…to see a synthesis of creation and culture, race and religion, passion and politics, intersecting in one spectacular splash of texture and color spanning a single canvas?  Through the arts we are setting out on a journey to do just that. Join us as we lean into the lens to see just how beautiful and profound life and love were created to be on this fragile, yet sacred planet of ours.