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Moorea Mitchell

thoughtful, determined, radiant, humble, down-to-earth, compassionate, optimistic

Deepening Emotional Connections With Technological Balance

More time with screens than real people?  The average person spends five hours on technology daily. Like many others, I have been deprived of maintaining an emotional connection with those I wish to be close to and love. Importantly, some members of my own family have been distanced to me for quite some time due to this shockingly high use of technology. The time and energy they invest in computers, TV, and video games is time taken away from our kindling close relationships. Just as I have experienced, as a society, we have lost cohesiveness in communities, transparency with one another in our interpersonal relationships, and have even lost the determined mindset of solving problems together. These are recurring issues I aim to address. Through service projects and activities my hope is to lead people of all ages to recognize the need of balance between technology and other activities to promote well roundedness, authentic relationships, and fundamental core values.