Putting faith into action


We are a faith-based incubator for social innovation mini start-ups.

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What is the Changemaker Initiative?

This Initiative is a way to explore the intersection of our unique selves, our growing faith, and the needs of the world. It enables, equips, empowers, and encourages people of faith to be changemakers in all aspects of their lives.

How does this happen?

Faith and community provide the encouraging environment necessary when pursuing social change. Striving to make a difference, in turn, causes faith and community to grow.

A 9-month intergenerational small group experience with Changemaker Fellows provides the structure for these interactions.

Changemaker Fellows discuss their ideas and experiences with regional church leaders.

Changemaker Fellows discuss their ideas and experiences with regional church leaders.

What types of social changes are we talking about?

The social innovations undertaken will be based on the passions and interests of the chosen Fellows.  We will consider 4 categories for change: our church, our families, our schools/work, and our community.

What is social innovation? 

Social innovation is taking action for the good of others in a sustainable way. We believe 4 key skills are needed for functioning in our world today and for the future:  teamwork, leadership, creative problem-solving, and most important of all: empathy.  In our faith tradition, we refer to empathy as compassion.  We also believe it to be the core of all we do.

Why are we doing this?

We need to connect personal transformation (from God) with social transformation (changing the world) in a new way, fulfilling our mission as a church in a more robust, relevant, and impactful way for Silicon Valley in 2019.

What are our goals?

Through this initiative we will enable faith to connect to change in a powerful way, and we will shift the culture and identity of our church to be one that equips compassion-driven changemakers for the future. 

We have identified 5 areas in which we are seeking positive outcomes:

1. Deepen our church members' commitment to their faith and their church

2. Build stronger relations between our church and the surrounding community

3. Activate social change (via the Fellows & teams)

4. Engage the broader church community in the Fellowship projects

5. Amplify our church presence in the community as a thought leader and changemaker.


Getting Involved

What role will you play?

There are multiple opportunities to be involved:

Fellow – key instigator on a project for social good on any topic 

Collaborator – member of a team working with a Fellow on executing a project

Ally - anyone offering their professional expertise to assist the Fellows

Partner – anyone who offers support or assistance for changemaking (hospitality, tech, prayer)


What is the time commitment?

The intent is for us to learn how to be changemakers in the places where we already live and go and function.  The true time commitment varies from Fellows who may spend several hours weekly, to supporters who may help periodically as they are available.   


How do I become a Fellow?

Anyone interested in becoming a Changemaker Fellow will fill out an application no later than August 18th.  Apply Here.  Fellows will be notified on a rolling basis. The Fellowship runs from September 2019 - May 2020.


How do I become a collaborator to help on a team?

Fellows will be responsible for assembling their collaborator teams.  More information and opportunities to come as the Fellows make progress. 


Is there cost involved?

Those who become Fellows will be asked to contribute $1,000 toward the costs as well.  Scholarships are available so all may participate.  

What happens after the Fellowship is over?

Changemaker Fellows are Fellows for life. At the conclusion of the 9-month experience, a celebration is held. Fellows may choose to continue their projects and/or participate in another way such as mentoring new Fellows.  

If you have any more questions regarding the Changemaker Initiative, please contact us here.